Inline Detonation Flame Arresters

KITO® detonation flame arresters

If potentially explosive gas-air mixtures ignite in a section of pipeline, a deflagration can turn into a detonation under certain instances.

The impact of such detonation is considerable with greatly increased pressure and flame speed; our KITO® detonation detonation flame arresters and end of line detonation flame arresters (also known as detonation-proof foot valve) are designed for such scenarios. The installed KITO® flame arrester remains functional and arrests the flame front following the shock wave. The selection of an appropriate detonation flame arrester is based upon a classification of the working medium in explosion groups and the maximum operating parameters for pressure and temperature.


Our product range includes KITO® detonation flame arresters for all explosion groups in different applications. The installation position and the direction of flow is arbitrary since almost all KITO® detonation flame arresters are bi-directional which means they can offer protection in both directions. KITO® flame arresters are optimised for low pressure losses combined with an inexpensive modular design. Liquid detonation flame arresters are used predominantly in pipelines used to transport liquids. Detonation-proof foot valves are used exclusively in suction lines that transport liquids.

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