METRUS Testers

METRUS GmbH has developed a vacuum tester (VTM) for testing pressure and vacuum valves, which can be used both stationary on existing test benches and mobile.

These valves are often used on tank farms. Here it must be ensured that the valve opens at the lowest pressures in the mbar range in order to avoid damage to the tank. This is not only about the overpressure created when filling the tank, but also about the vacuum that is created when such a tank is emptied. To avoid major damage or product losses, a thorough check of the setting points and leakage is required.

If you are interested, please contact:

Thomas Kamphausen
Authorized signatory
Vertriebsleiter / Sales Director

Richard-Lucas-Str. 6
41812 Erkelenz
T. +49 (2431) 94502-28
M. +49 (171) 222 83 23
F. +49 (2431) 94502-18

You can find an impression of how it works as well as product information in the video and in the product flyer.


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