Special armatures

KITO® –Special devices – plastic valves

KITO® Armaturen GmbH has more than 90 years of experience on this market, time that it has used to develop a multi-faceted, high-quality range of valve technology products.

Plastic valves are used primarily for aggressive, corrosive and environmentally hazardous liquids, gases and vapours. Whereas products made of metal can rust when in contact with water and air unless protected in an appropriate manner, corrosion is not a problem at all for KITO® plastic valves.

KITO® plastic valves can be used as pressure or vacuum relief valves as well combined pressure & vacuum relief valves in the low-pressure range. The choice of material for KITO® plastic valves includes PP, PE and PVDF.

KITO® plastic valves are also characterised by great seal integrity and this has a decisive impact on potential product losses and their environmental impact. Our plastic valves can also satisfy your individual needs and can contend reliably with very stringent requirements.

KITO® plastic pressure or vacuum relief valves as well as the combined KITO® plastic pressure & vacuum relief valves are used primarily to induct and extract air from tank systems and from technical process equipment. They offer protection from excessive positive or negative pressures.

Through the use of FEP sealing film, these valves achieve great seal integrity until they reach their response pressure. The application range for maintaining pressure is suitable up to a maximum adjustment pressure of 100 mbar.

If you need assistance in the selection of KITO® plastic valves or with the calculation of the required volumetric flow rates in accordance with prevailing regulations, please contact our KITO® sales team or visit our KITO® Sizing & Selection program (KISS).

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