Inline armatures

KITO® Inline devices (with and without a flame arrester)

The high-quality products in the KITO® range of Inline devices with and without flame arrester are offered in variety of potential applications. In the light of the processes operated by our customers, we develop environmentally relevant solutions that aim to reduce emission levels as well as to provide protection against flame propagation, protecting people and equipment.

KITO® products are used primarily to protect tank systems and pipeline systems, and also constitute an important role in protecting parts of a system that are interconnected by pipeline systems. KITO® inline devices with a pressure holding function reduces excessive overpressure in the system. 

Flame arresters are used for storing or transporting of flammable liquids. They permit the flow of liquids and/or gases but prevent any flashback to the plant to be protected.

Our KITO® inlin devices (with or without integrated KITO® flame arrester element) are divided into:

Our special customer solutions are tailored to country-specific requirements, equipment functions and process conditions.

Inline Pressure and Vaccum Relief Valves

Inline Deflagration Flame Arresters

Inline Detonation Flame Arresters

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