Vacuum Relief Valves

KITO® vacuum relief valves  

KITO® vacuum relief valves are used where closed systems are being emptied or cooled by their local environment, preventing, for example, negative pressure to damage storage tanks.

KITO® vacuum relief valves can also be equipped with a KITO® flame arrester that prevents flashback from atmosphere to storage tank. These KITO® vacuum relief valves can be used for atmospheric deflagration scenarios. There is not usually any risk of an endurance burning in typical applications involving a vacuum.

Valve pallets for KITO® vacuum relief valves are designed either weight-loaded or spring-loaded, depending on the pressure settings required.

All KITO® valves use a range of different valve sealings to suit the prevailing process conditions to assure low rates of leakage between valve seat and valve pallet.

KITO® vacuum relief valves can be configured to suit prevailing national and international specifications and regulations. If you need assistance with this, please use our KITO® Sizing & Selection program (KISS) or contact our experienced KITO® sales team.

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