Maintenance of KITO® products and the KITO® –KARE concept

As a certified specialist in accordance with VdTÜV code of practice 967, we are always pleased to advise you about the specified checks as well as other maintenance and setting work, and how to carry it out. As part of the KITO® KARE concept you can call upon our certified service partners or you can arrange to have us train your employees in the maintenance and servicing of our products here with us or on your own premises.
You will find a list of available training dates in Braunschweig here.

All KITO® devices require very little maintenance indeed. However, because of the type examination certificates, regular checks of all products are required to reflect operating conditions.

Any spare parts you require for our KITO® devices can be ordered at short notice by quoting the type and factory number. These and other details can be found on the factory type plates attached to every one of our devices. To place orders, please use our form. Here, if necessary, you can also upload photos of the factor type plate and/or of the product.

Old devices without a CE mark cannot be reconditioned entirely through the use of spare parts; in such cases, we shall be pleased to advise you.

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