Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves

KITO® pressure and vacuum relief valves


Typically, KITO® pressure and vacuum relief valves are used to prevent unacceptable levels of positive and negative pressure in closed systems. They constitute an important factor in preventing inadmissible pressure and vacuum and to minimize product losses.

The most frequent type of application involves storage tanks containing liquids. These valves are used to relieve the positive and/or negative pressures that can build up in tanks.  Positive and negative pressures can build up as a result of the filling or emptying process in the storage tank, and by the thermal influence of changes in prevailing weather conditions. Here is the aim of the KITO® range of combined pressure and vacuum relief valves: To minimise product losses and emissions.

By using combined KITO® valves, substantial cost savings can be achieved in a short period of time through the reduction of product losses as a function of process conditions. For more detailed information, please contact our experienced KITO® sales team.

Depending on the pressure settings required, the valve pallets for KITO® pressure and vacuum relief valves are designed either weight-loaded or spring-loaded. Depending on valve type, combined KITO® pressure and vacuum relief valves can be configured with different valve sealings. The aim is to assure a low rate of leakage between valve seat and valve pallet across the various ranges of pressure setting.

If you need assistance in the selection of combined KITO® pressure and vacuum relief valves or in the calculation of the volumetric flow rates needed to comply with prevailing regulations, please contact our KITO® sales team or use our KITO® Sizing & Selection program (KISS)

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