Certified maintenance and service partners

KITO® KARE service partners – all the benefits of a one-stop shop

Right next to you…

You will find details of our certified service partners on the KITO® KARE label. The right choice of service partner improves the efficiency of your production operations and also helps you to keep an eye on operating costs. The intervals for maintenance and servicing can be adapted individually to suit the operational needs of your business.

Expertise always right up-to-date…

All of our service partners receive regular training in the maintenance and servicing of our products and receive certification through auditing of their workshops.

Always stay on the safe side…

As part of any regular service, our KITO® Kare partners check all of the functional and safety-related components of our products. Naturally, we only use genuine spare parts for maintenance and service work. A complete set of service documentation for maintenance and servicing is also needed to comply with current accident prevention regulations.


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