Ventilation Hood

KITO® ventilation hoods  

Venting lines on tanks, vessels and pipelines that enables an on-going gas exchange (flammable or combustible air-gas mixture) must be protected using explosion-proof devices. Explosion-proof KITO® ventilation hoods are designed as deflagration proof or as devices that protect against endurance burning.

Flammable vapours can flow out of tanks and/or ambient air can flow in without restriction. The ingress of rain, dirt and foreign bodies is prevented by a protective cover. Here, the integrated KITO® flame arrester protects against flame transmission into the tank. For cases where a vapour/air mixture might burn for a very long time on the flame arrester element surface, KITO® provides, so called, endurance burning proof flame arresters. Meeting the highest level of safety for burning scenarios.

Our KITO® ventilation hoods help to protect your production and storage facilities. We can devise a made-to-measure solution for your particular application.

If you need assistance in the selection of KITO® ventilation hoods, please contact our KITO® sales team or use our KITO® Sizing & Selection program (KISS).

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