End of line armatures

KITO® end of line devices (with and without a KITO® flame arrester) 

The high-quality range of KITO® end of line devices offers a large number of potential applications. Based on the processes of our customers, we develop environment-related solutions that are intended to enable tanks to breathe out flammable gases and to provide protection against flashback from an external source.

Many applications for KITO® products serve to protect storage tanks and pipeline systems. An important constituent element is the protection of the openings on storage tanks that inhale or exhale into the atmosphere. These end of line devices prevent flashbacks from the atmosphere to the interior of a tank when storing flammable fluids. These products are also used on venting lines that discharge to atmosphere.

Our KITO® end of line devices (with or without an integrated KITO® arrester flame arrester) are divided into:

KITO® end of line devices with integrated KITO® arrester flame are divided into their respective combustion processes. KITO® end of line devices can provide protection against atmospheric deflagration as well as against short-time and endurance burning.

Our special customer solutions are coordinated with country-specific specifications and regulations, system functions and process conditions.

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