Inline Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves

KITO® pressure & vacuum relief valve

Typically, KITO® inline pressure and vacuum relief valves are used to prevent excessive levels of positive and negative pressure in closed systems. They also constitute an important factor in the reduction of product evaporation losses and impermissible emissions.

KITO® inline pressure & vacuum relief valves are mainly installed in piping systems and in technical process equipment. The goal is to safety relieve the increased positive/negative pressures.

The purpose of combined KITO® inline pressure & vacuum relief valves is to minimise product losses and emissions. Using combined KITO® valves, substantial cost-savings can be achieved in a short period of time by reducing the evaporation losses in dependece of the process conditions. For more detailed information, please contact our experienced KITO® sales team.

Depending on the requested set pressure, the valve pallets for the combined KITO® inline pressure and/or vacuum relief valve can be carried out as weight or spring-loaded. Depending on valve type, different valve sealings are used on the combined KITO® inline pressure & vacuum relief valves in pipelines. That makes it possible depending on the different pressure settings to ensure a low leakage rate between valve seat and pallet. KITO® uses proportional valve pallets in its inline pressure & vacuum relief valves. These pallets enable opening and closing operations to be stable through the dynamic build-up of backpressure in a piping system.

If you need assistance in the selection of combined KITO® pressure & vacuum relief valves in pipework or in the calculation of the volumetric flow rates needed to comply with prevailing regulations, please contact our KITO® sales team or use our KITO® Sizing & Selection program (KISS).

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