Pressure relief valves  

KITO® pressure relief valves    

KITO® pressure relief valves are used to prevent or minimize the loss of gas/vapours allowing econimical savings and reducing environmental pollution. KITO® pressure relief valves are used wherever pressure needs to be relieved in closed systems storing gases or vapours.

Pressure rises inseide liquid storage tanks and eventually must be relieved by a pressure relief valve to avoid tank collapse during operational filling or due to thermal effects caused by a hot sunny day, for instance. Also, possible malfunctions of inert gas valves can cause pressure in the storage tank to rise suddenly.

Applications for KITO® pressure relief valves cover a range of operating pressures that are less than or equal to 0.5 bar. In cases where protection against excessive levels of negative pressure is also required, please check out the product group of KITO® pressure and vacuum relief valves.

KITO® pressure relief valves can also be used for flammable air-vapours mixtures with an integrated KITO® flame arrester element. In this case, the integrated KITO® flame arrester element provides the same protection against flashback into the storage tank as it does with ventilation hoods.

Where there is a risk of a continuous release of a flammable air-vapours mixture through the KITO® pressure relief valves, the requirements for endurance burning proof must be satisfied.

Valve pallets for KITO® pressure relief valves are designed either weight-loaded or spring-loaded, depending on the pressure settings. All KITO® valves use a range of different valve sealings to suit the given process conditions to assure low rates of leakage between valve seat and valve pallet.

KITO® pressure relief valves can be configured to suit prevailing national and international specifications and regulations. If you need assistance, please use our KITO® Sizing & Selection program (KISS) or contact our experienced KITO® sales team.

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