C 7.1 N Deflagration and endurance burning proof pressure relief valve


  • As an end-of-line flame arrester, explosion and endurance burning proof for all inflammable liquids and vapors of explosion group IIB1 and also for alcohols with a maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) ≥ 0.85 mm and an maximum operating temperature of 60 °C.
  • Safety valve for out breathing pipes of storage tanks as a protection against overpressure.
  • By appropriate pressure adjustment the gasification losses of the storage product are prevented or strongly limited.
  • Usually mounted on the top of the tank in conjunction with a vacuum relief valve (see KITO® VS/KS-IIB3-… (type sheet D 11 N)).
  • An explosion proof condensate drain is also available for this model at extra cost.
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