Inline Deflagration flame arresters

KITO® deflagration flame arrester

If potentially explosive gas-air mixtures ignite in a section of pipeline, the explosion starts out as a deflagration propagating at relatively low pressures and flame speed below speed of sound.

KITO® inline deflagration flame arresters are used to prevent a chain reaction from propagating into connected sections of equipment.

In contrast to inline detonation flame arresters, their usage is restricted to short sections of pipelines between a potential ignition source and the device. This distance, known by the L/D relation (ratio of pipe length over pipe diameter) is specified for each explosion group in the standard ISO 16852.

By stating the maximum operating parameters such as pressure, temperature and explosion group, the appropriate deflagration flame arrester can be selected for a given application.

Under particular application conditions such as installation in flare lines or thermal incineration plants, the installation of one or more thermocouples on the KITO® flame arrester is specified to enable detection of a fire.

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