H 26.1 N Uni-directional in-line deflagration flame arrester, short-time burning proof

KITO® RV/N-1200/600-IIA-1.6
KITO® RV/N-1200/600-IIA-1.6-T (-TT)

  • Intermediate armature, mainly installed as in-line deflagration flame arrester in pipes to thermal incineration plants for vapor/air and air/gas mixtures.
  • Bi-directionally working in pipes, whereby an operating pressure of 1.6 bar abs. and an operating temperature of 200 °C must not be exceeded.
  • Approved for all substances of the explosion group IIA with a MESG > 0.9 mm.
  • The maximum length of the pipe from the KITO® flame arrester to the ignition source is limited (< 50 x D).
  • It is only allowed to install the device in pipes with nominal widths ≤ than the nominal width of the armature (DN).
  • The thermal sensor serves to trigger an emergency function, e.g. shutting off or inerting the gas flow if a stabilized burning occurs at the KITO® flame arrester.
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