G 14 N Uni-directional end-of-line liquid detonation flame arrester


  • As end-of-line armature, detonation-proof and flameproof, used for mounting on the pipe end of filling and discharging pipes inside of tanks, in which inflammable liquids of the explosion groups IIA1 to IIB3 are stored, with a nominal gap width (MESG) of ≥ 0.65 mm and an maximum operating temperature of 60 °C.
  • Equipped with a safety device against complete emptying which is constructed as flame arrester element in order to prevent the suction of sealing liquid.
  • Tested and approved as detonation flame arrester type 4.
  • Any direction of flow can be chosen. Particularly suitable for horizontal and underground vessels.
  • Mounting position is perpendicular.
  • It is only allowed to install pipes of nominal widths ≤ than the nominal widths of the flange.
  • The body of the housing has to be permanently filled with storage liquid.
  • Equipped with a hexagon head pipe plug for emptying the liquid.
  • Suction rate V max specified in above table may not be exeeded.
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