G 13.2 N Uni-directional in-line liquid detonation flame arrester

KITO® FL/EO-…-IIB3 (wf)
-maintenance-friendly and easy to clean design-

  • as inline armature, detonation-proof and flameproof, used for installation in filling pipes outside from tanks in which inflammable liquids are stored.
  • Tested and approved as detonation flame arrester type 4.
  • Approved for all materials of the explosion group IIA1 to IIB3 with MESG ≥ 0.65 mm and an maximum operating temperature of 60 °C.
  • It is only allowed to install pipes of nominal widths ≤ than the nominal widths of the flange.
  • Mounting position is perpendicular.
  • The body of the housing has to be permanently filled with the storage liquid up to the height of the connecting flanges.
  • Equipped with a hexagon head pipe plug for emptying the liquid.
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