G 22.2 N Bi-directional in-line detonation flame arrester, short-time burning proof

KITO® EFA-Det4-IIA-…/…-X10
KITO® EFA-Det4-IIA-…/…-X10-T (-TT)

  • For installation into pipes to the protection of vessels and components against stable detonation of flammable liquids and gases.
  • Tested and approved as detonation flame arrester type 4.
  • Approved for all substances of explosion groups IIA1 to IIA with a maximum experi-mental safe gap (MESG) > 0.9 mm.
  • Bi-directionally working in pipes, whereby an operating pressure of 1.1 bar abs. and an operating temperature of 100 °C must not be exceeded.
  • The installation of the detonation flame arrester into horizontal and vertical pipes is permissible.
  • If equipped with a temperature sensor (PT 100) a protection against stabilized burning is given from one resp. both sides.
  • The devices are tested and approved with different burning times depending on their sizes (NG 100: TBT= 30 min, NG 500: TBT= 1 min).
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