L 20 N Temperature sensor

(Resistance thermometer)

  • For monitoring the temperature on the flame arrester element on the unprotected side (side of ignition source), mainly where a flow of flammable mixture is present for longer time.
  • This could be e.g. in pipes to flares, ovens, fans, recuperation or thermal recovery units.
  • In case of a temperature rise a stabilized burn situation could be present.
  • Then the thermometer has to give a signal which must be used to start emergency safety reactions (e.g. inerting, stoppage of flow etc.).
  • The tripping temperature as low as possible, according to PTB recommendation ≤ 80 ° C or 20 K above max. operating temperature.
  • Additional protective measurements as per VdTÜV-guide line 967, §10.2.5 shall be installed.
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