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KITO® Flame arrester element


Based on the principle of the Davy Safety Lamp and the “Kiestopf” “gravel pot” developed from it, we developed the KITO® flame arrester element as the basis for our flame arresters.

The flame arresters have then been further developed in accordance with the requirements of the latest regulations and standards.

The elements consists of two stainless steel (or better) strips of 0,2 or 0.15 mm of thickness; the width varies depending upon the duty. In each case a smooth and a corrugated strip are wound tightly together, forming a circular element. This forms a gap between the smooth and corrugated strip with a triangular section. The width of the gap is determined by the height of the corrugation. The gap width used in a specific flame arrester is related to the MESG of the gas mixture, but not equal to it.

Special widths for gas/air or vapour mixtures with abnormal flashback characteristics can be determined with the co-operation of test-institutes like PTB, BAM or IBExU, and manufactured by ourselves. The flame arrester may also be CE marked during this verification procedure.


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